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The time has come for Individuation Marketing®

Sandra Fernandes   |     27, Oct 2021

Who are your ambassadors and how can you engage them further?

Frédéric Faivre   |     10, Sep 2021

5 marketing tactics to increase agility in this uncertain situation.

Lucy Song   |     06, Sep 2021

Which KPI should be monitored to measure the performance of your loyalty program?

Camille Macaudière   |     25, Jun 2021

Deliverability: the opener is king.

Camille Macaudière   |     25, May 2021

Splio acquires the referral marketing platform Goodfazer.

Sandra Fernandes   |     25, Mar 2021

WeChat Loyalty, are you doing right?

Romain Henriot   |     07, Oct 2020

How to let customers work for your benefits in China?

Lucy Song   |     10, Sep 2020

How to build long-lasting customer loyalty in China?

Jean-Baptiste Le Blan   |     01, Sep 2020

WeChat Loyalty Mini Program:an integrated MP or a dedicated MP for loyalty?

Romain Henriot   |     20, Jul 2020

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