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Posts by Andréa Petit

Posts By Andréa Petit

Pass French Tech: Splio, Champion of Cla...

Andréa Petit   |     03, Jan 2018

How to collect emails in-store

Andréa Petit   |     05, Sep 2017

€10 million round of funding

Andréa Petit   |     17, Oct 2016

Women Equity Awards: Splio ranked at the...

Andréa Petit   |     09, Dec 2015

Splio’s interview in the China Daily & I...

Andréa Petit   |     06, Aug 2014

Important Security Information

Andréa Petit   |     10, Apr 2014

10 basic tips about Responsive Design

Andréa Petit   |     04, Jan 2014

10 Golden Rules of Email Marketing

Andréa Petit   |     12, Oct 2012

Splio Poland Opening !

Andréa Petit   |     02, Oct 2012

Yahoo China to switch all email accounts...

Andréa Petit   |     16, Apr 2012

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