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Within only 2 years, WeChat Mini Program has reached 1M apps and 200M daily users. Brands scramble to develop their Mini Programs as WeChat has 1 billion monthly active users plus Mini Program’s lower-cost and easier to develop compared to native apps. Mini Programs are transforming the digital marketing landscape in China today!

  • However, do you know how to make your Mini Program stand out among the 1M competitors?
  • Do you know how to create an awesome user experience and make your customers be Loyal?
  • Do you know how Splio overcome these challenges while building a WeChat Loyalty Mini Program?

Sharon Wu, Product Manager at Splio, will speak at the Summer Edition of the Chat Conference to share with you our “Learnings from building a WeChat Loyalty Mini Program”.

If you are interested, join Splio and register here to attend the Chat Conference on June 21st and have a nice talk about WeChat Loyalty Mini Program.


To know more about Splio and WeChat Loyalty:


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