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Make your Customers Feel Special.



A Single Goal for This Year: Make your Customers Feel Special. 

We said loud and clear that marketers should give meaning to their campaigns by betting on an inspirational and personalized content, that Loyalty as we used to know it is over and to make way for New Loyalty, and that Mobile Wallets are the future of the loyalty card. It’s now time to turn towards this year so your marketing strategy can meet this coming year’s challenges.

Make the difference this year:

1. Choose Loyalty Program that best suits you. 


You should choose the program that will best fit with your strategy and offer a unique experience to your customers, while being economically viable for your brand. This year, it is time to apply these insights using our toolkit which will guide you to create a Loyalty Program that best suits you in 2 weeks.

Which Loyalty Program are you? There are four main types of Loyalty Programs. All are ready to be customized by your team. In 2018, we detailed the foundations for Loyalty via our guide on New Loyalty. What if in 2019 you upgrade your Loyalty Program by adapting it to your audience?

Design my Program in 2 weeks

2. Invest in sales moments that perform for your brand.

It might seem as a marketing strategy basics, but you need to know all the yearly sales moments. By having the key moments of the year in mind, you will be more able to build performing campaigns that will create interactions between your brand and your customers.

What if you decide to launch your own sales moments and trigger your own interactions? For example, on May 9th, it could be the Lost Socks Day. You could launch a game contest and offer your customers promotions on your socks line. Go further with this concept and turn it into an unforgettable yearly appointment for your brand and your loyal customers.


3. Integrate Collaborative Marketing to your New Loyalty Strategy.


It’s important to manage your community in order to create your own brand ecosystem.

What if this year you go further by taking into consideration all the interactions between consumers and your brand, but also integrating client feedback? It’s what we call a jackpot for a collaborative marketing strategy.

Move to New Loyalty

4. Opt for special treatment rather that meaningless presents.

What if you go beyond rewards with your Loyalty Program? This year, offer personalized attention.

It’s one of your customer’s birthday, a loyal ambassador of your brand on social media? Deliver flowers right to her door! Not only will she feel special, but she will also be more likely to keep acting like one of your impassioned ambassadors. This way you will benefit not once but twice.


You now have the 4 tactics to put in place and put New Loyalty at the heart of your marketing strategy. It’s your turn now!


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