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Articles on China

What does a New Loyalty Journey look like on WeChat around Double 11?

Yaqi Zhao   |     05, Nov 2019

Drive Loyalty and Sales at Double 11.

Yaqi Zhao   |     30, Oct 2019

5 ways to build Loyalty with Chinese Millennial Consumers.

Yaqi Zhao   |     09, Oct 2019

The key features of China's experimental Millennial.

Yaqi Zhao   |     25, Sep 2019

4 best practices to manage the data of Chinese outbound tourists.

Romain Henriot   |     18, Sep 2019

Meet Splio at CHina CHat on 19th & 20th September.

Yaqi Zhao   |     04, Sep 2019

How to use WeChat to target Chinese outbound tourists?

Romain Henriot   |     03, Sep 2019

New possibilities form more offline retail data.

Michael Norris   |     21, Aug 2019

How is China shifting from mass to personal?

Michael Norris   |     07, Aug 2019

Everyone is a Member: New Loyalty in New Retail in China.

Michael Norris   |     24, Jul 2019

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