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Why identifying your customers on WeChat is key for your business marketing?



Do you know why identifying and distinguishing your customers among your followers could help you engage, acquire and sell more on WeChat?

Are you familiar with CRM binding? 

Are you aware of the huge business opportunities you could have on WeChat thanks to CRM binding?

Join us on March 8 at the Chat Conference in Shanghai to learn more on the benefits of a performant CRM binding strategy you could expect on WeChat, if you identified your customers through every WeChat touchpoints.

Perzonalization, loyalty, acquisition, engagement, based on specific case studies, Splio COO Romain Henriot will help you understand why CRM binding is of primary importance in terms of business marketing in China.

  • Why brands need a binding CRM strategy to be more performant on WeChat?
  • How to create and implement a binding CRM strategy from every touchpoint on WeChat?
  • How can you use WeChat assets to enhance customer knowledge?
  • Why identifying your customers among followers will help you engage, retain and acquire?
  • Engagement performance per channel, per customer, per new follower, what measurement and KPIs can you expect and in what delay?

Feel free to check the agenda of the Chat Conference and register to attend!


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