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Yahoo China to switch all email accounts to Alibaba


Yahoo China is currently switching from its own delivery and filtering platform to Alibaba for all the accounts created on Yahoo.com.cn and Yahoo.cn. Alibaba Group acquired China Yahoo!(www.yahoo.com.cn) in October 2005 as part of a partnership between the two giants. The result is that all emails towards Yahoo.com.cn and Yahoo.cn are now sent to the chinese based company Alibaba.

There are several immediate consequences that might affect your deliverability towards Yahoo.com.cn and Yahoo.cn recipients.

  • The filtering of all email marketing campaigns towards these recipients is now based on Alibaba algorithms. This concernes IP, domains and URL reputation filtering, HTML verifications and speed settings
  • The delivery of all emails is now done through a chinese network. As we still don't know the capacity of this new setup, there might be slowdowns in the delivery to your @yahoo.com.cn recipients.

Our deliverability team in Paris, Beijing and Shanghai is working 24/7 to ensure a smooth transition for all our chinese customers.

Update April 16th 2012 12:03

It appears that the transition has been paused by the guys at Yahoo. The switch might resume sometimes next week.

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